Modern Builders Supply Express Pick Up

We know how important it is to for you to get what you want when you want it! We are here for a lot of reasons and it all starts with you, our customer. MBS stands for Much Better Service.

You make your money when the job is complete, not waiting to be serviced by your supplier!

Here is how the MBS Express Pick-Up Service works.

Need the material to be pick up first thing in the morning?

  • For your order to be ready for pick up by 7:30 contact MBS by 3:30 the day before and say this is an express pick-up.
  • Your Express Pick-Up order and invoice will be staged and ready for pick up by 7:30 the next day. (In the event of heavy traffic, your order will be ready…but first come, first serve).
  • Your order paperwork will be waiting for you at the warehouse desk where our professional warehouse staff will have your order pulled and ready for pick up…MINIMIZE YOUR DOWN TIME TO GET YOU IN AND OUT QUICKLY!

Need material ASAP for a job in progress? (and you need it now)

Call us on your way to MBS and then go to the counter where your paperwork will be waiting for you. Our warehouse people will begin pulling your order immediately so it is ready for you when you arrive.

Then you will just go to the MBS Express Pick-Up Service Door - - - our Express Pick-Up service team will respond rapidly to your Express Pick-Up order minimizing your down time!!

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