Modern Builders Supply MBS Rewards Program

MBS Rewards

You've Earned It!

MBS is making it simple for our customers to get what they want. Now, you can start earning points on EVERY purchase made at MBS!

We have an all new rewards site. Click the button below to visit the site, log in and check your points.

MBS Rewards Program Highlights

MBS Rewards is new and improved, and so are our rewards! We wanted to give customers what they really want: Cabela’s gift cards! Customers get more for their money with Cabela’s gift cards and we want to focus on getting our customers the best possible deal.

The MBS Rewards Program is more streamlined than ever and makes it simple to get what you want. From enrollment to rewards points redemption, you will enjoy the simplicity and ease that comes with being an MBS Rewards customer. Every purchase made at your MBS store gets you closer to enjoying the world’s foremost outfitter of hunting and fishing with a Cabela’s gift card. Spend $25,000 and receive your first deposit of 25,000 points into your MBS Rewards account. Each additional $5,000 you spend will earn you 5,000 additional points.


  1. Calendar Year - 1/1/2021 – 12/31/2021.
  2. Customer must sign up to enroll themselves on our Rewards site.
  3. Unused points cannot be carried over and have no cash value.
  4. $25,000 minimum qualifier. $25,000 in purchases equals 25,000 points, then 5,000 points for every $5,000 in purchases.
  5. Sales tax, delivery charges and discounts not included in points total. Material total of invoice only applies toward points quota.
  6. Attention cash buyers: In order to participate in the program, cash customers must have a cash account set up in order to track their purchases in the program.
  7. All types of materials purchased will apply toward points quota.
  8. Program rules are based on purchases shipped from our warehouse stock. Truckloads will count one-fourth or 25% credit towards point quota. Any quantity discounts from list prices are subject to reduced points value.
  9. Recipients assume any tax liability for rewards earned.
  10. MBS account must be in good standing prior to the redemption of any MBS Rewards points.
  11. There may be special circumstances when “project pricing” for a customer may come into play. The operations manager has full discretion to reduce, or eliminate altogether, the points on any given order (or group of orders) based on these circumstances.

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